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Tennessee Race Timing offers professional race timing using cutting edge technology, from our state-of-the-art Jaguar Chip system. When it comes to events, we know just how important accurate timing is.  Most importantly, we strive to provide race organizers with the highest level of customer service and to partner with them to make their race the best it can be. We understand the worries and stress putting on a race comes with and we take pride in taking some of that away from you.  Whether you are organizing a race for 100-person race or a 5,000-person race, we can assure you peace of mind that the timing for your event will be handled professionally, and accurately.

 We chose Jaguar technology because they use overhead or side antennas, so no outdated mats or ramps are needed.  It provides real-time results and reports, and uses low-cost disposable timing chips that do not need to be returned. Our favorite part of the system is that there‚Äôs no more waiting for race results because everything is real-time, meaning, Athletes can see their finish times immediately without having to wait for reports!