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Becky runs WCTE, Cookeville’s local PBS station.  Because it is a nonprofit organization, she understands the unique challenges facing nonprofits in fundraising and major events, delicately balancing the need to raise funds with the costs of doing business.  Becky has over 25 years in both event and fundraising experience.  In addition, she is a proven businesswoman, rising from an intern to the President and CEO over the course of more than 30 years.

Jennifer comes from a strong computer background.  With an MBA and over 19 years experience managing computers and networks, as well as people, she understands that a quality product is crucial to client trust and development.  She too rose from the ranks into a management position.  She is driven by success, quality, and trust.

Becky and Jennifer are both runners who have participated in many races, so they also understand the mechanics of a race and what it takes to make it successful.  A strong local resource, together Becky and Jennifer will partner with their customers to make their events the best they can be.


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